Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano

Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano
Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano
Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano
Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano
Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano

Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano

Battery door type / Screw fixed type. Sample leather - Rally volpe (Vegetable tanned / art finish by blade / Italy). Thread - Light brown (Serafil / German). We have much order listing for M11 half-case already.

So it takes about 7-10 weeks for work from ordered date. I hope your smooth understanding.

We will do our best for best work and reduce time to our usual. We work on order and do not offer fast track. Therefore, the only way to receive it quickly is to place an order before other customers. We ask for your understanding of our policy for a fair production order. Sample leather / Rally volpe. You can meet design and quality that you haven't ever seen.

Our exquisite design will be offer best fitting and protect device from dent and shock. The detailed change of detail in the front part actively accommodates the change of the device.

But as in the change from M10 to M11, it has a sense of line in a direction that maintains the original identity as much as possible. About back side, we made it with open-type design. There is not any interference with screen and any control dial.

You can control easy by our thoroughgoing design. Because we insert complex metal parts as inner parts for maintain shape. You can meet so strong and nice fitting case. And about fitting, it is very important work in our process. We spent very much time to make perfect fitting. You can't any space between our case and device. You can catch it just grip our case with camera at once. Process to make inserted leather grip. Our inserted grip is made of layered real leather to comfort shape, too. So it give natural and comfortable grip and touch to you. You can hold camera more easily and safety by our built-in leather grip. The world's first Battery door system for Leica M digital series. Now it's advanced for Leica M11. This is the natural dignity of the original. Arte di mano, which has established an unrivaled brand position in the camera case industry, is leading many follower brands not only in the domestic market but also in the global market as the first mover in the industry. The thought about the battery door shape of the Leica M digital camera, and the attempt and the first success in the world were made at Arte di mano. The current battery door type cases for M often seen in the global market are all products made after the success of Arte di mano. But we never stop challenging ourselves to always be better. That is why our system is always evolving one step further today than yesterday. Arte di mano's original battery door system is a simple system using a magnetic field, developed for the first time in Korea, and is now an option that has a ripple effect enough to imitate other brands in other countries including Italy and Germany. Arte di mano's insistent philosophy on the design of traditional leather products, as well as the processing technology of materials and craftsmanship, is a design achievement that maintains the traditional appearance as a leather product and secures convenience.

You no longer have to risk removing the case from the field to charge the battery or transfer image data. The cover can be opened and closed very easily and conveniently with just one finger. This M11 has a big change, especially in the base plate system.

This is because, except for the detachable base that has been consistently insistent on from the legendary film camera M3 of Leica, the first M series to the previous M10, a digital camera, it has been changed to an integrated base that can mount a USB C type port and a cover-integrated battery. This combination of changes can show various imaginations not only in simple form but also in usability, which is a'change in charging method'. Of course, 1700 pictures can be taken due to the increased battery capacity, but the new exposure method and continuous battery consumption will have a demand for additional batteries according to the user's shooting rhythm.

However, in the case of the cover-integrated battery, it is difficult to have an alternative other than the expensive Leica original additional battery because it has a structure that is difficult to find a replacement by default. Therefore, this change in the charging port has a greater meaning. The use of an auxiliary battery using a USB Type-C port to replace an expensive additional battery was judged to be a factor that could sufficiently affect usability. This is because it is a universal charging method for smart devices at home. Maybe we're just getting used to the daily routine of plugging cables into the camera after going out, just like charging our smart devices. Of course, considering that data transmission is also possible using the newly provided built-in memory and C-type port, we predict several usage methods depending on whether the port is used or not, and propose three selection options by packing suitable alternatives. We offer 3 kinds of battery door type (USB port door, Basic battery door, Advanced battery door). And this listing is Advanced battery door option. And finally, the third option for users who have not yet actively tried the new system, but want to challenge their usability.

Or maybe they have not yet decided or want to try all these advantages. This is an advanced type of battery door using the two-stage door system that was first introduced in the Q2 model. By opening the small size of the single-stage door, cables can be connected in a minimum space.

Like the USB door option, when charging and data transfer using a cable while on the go or at home. Cables can be connected by opening the door without a large increase in volume. If you need to replace the battery or remove the memory card, just open the second door. In this case, it has the same usability as the basic battery door.

Now all you have to do is stop worrying, focus on shooting, and create a new shooting style. This third option can accommodate all your uses. Common things about the battery door. While designing the case's battery replacement system, we didn't want to miss the traditional look of leather goods. So we find a design that is very inefficient in manufacturability but meets our goals.

All of this requires one finger of yours to open the cover. Finally, you no longer need to remove the case to use the camera. You can charge the battery and transfer data without removing the case, and you can also use a tripod. We are convinced that this is the most complete system in existence in Leica's lineup of cases for the digital M-series.

Our case design is compatible with'VISOFLEX II','Thumb support' of Leica and EP-MX and EP-MXF model of Thumbs up by Matchtecnical. Of published sample designs are subject to minor changes during actual production within guarantees of the described functions.

Sample leather : Rally black (left) / Rally volpe (right). Extra cost : USD 100.00. The Aventino Grip is a more advanced grip system inspired by the Aventino Hill, the gentle and peaceful hills of Rome, Italy. All angles from the top, bottom and left and right are designed with ergonomic considerations to provide a very comfortable and stable grip.

The hardwood is cut to shape, covered with leather, and fixed with sturdy hand stitching, so it is very strong. It provides the same level of improvement as Leica's original grip accessories, but rather a more natural and comfortable grip with a cut angle at the top and bottom. Extra cost : USD 80.00.

Below pictures are for Leica Q1. It is just for reference.

We will update right image soon. Back cover system aim to protect LCD and control part from shock and dent. You can feel easy from damage of camera because back cover can be cover more area. Of course, if you don't want it sometimes, you can take off back cover. We use natural suede skin for inner as case, too.

It will be protect your LCD and more parts safety. Extra cost : USD 10.00. For crocodile or if you want better quality engraving, you need to pay USD 50.00 for personal engraving. You can request engrave personal words on your ordered item. It will be engrave on bottom of case. Please note your words and font like belows by note.

Example Words : JnK-handworks / Font : inkburrow. And if you requested it before, you can request the same words without extra cost. Because we keep your initial panel if you made before. Extra cost : Set discounted price. Match technical's Thumbs Up brings a dramatic improvement in grip and is deeply embedded in Leica's ecosystem with a paint finish that feels integrated with the camera.

(Vegatable tanned, Italy - AUSONIA). Finish - Matt type, milling, parafiin / Softness -???? It is an oil-pull-up leather produced by Ausonia, one of Italy's famous tenries, and Walpier, which makes leather using only traditional processes. It contains rich oils and two-tone natural colors shown in the bent area by adding two colors one after the other and dyeing them.

It is an attractive leather change. With natural milling and vintage color, the paraffin that has been piled up on the surface becomes more and more subtle with its use, and it becomes more attractive over time. Among the soft types of leather, it is the toughest leather. The surface dyeing treatment is very unique, so it is recommended for those who like natural and vintage leather products.

(Vegatable tanned, Italy - BADALASSI CARLO). Finish - Matt type, milling / Softness -???? BADALASSI CARLO's Minerva box leather is a full vegetable leather that is made from cows grown in the Alps. Unlike the initial matte feel, the natural luster that gradually rises as you use it has enough flavor to be treated as premium leather. In addition, the unique soft touch of the Minerva box, which is composed of rich oils, is excellent. It is the softest leather among soft types of leather. (Vegatable tanned, Italy - Walpier). Finish - Natural glossy type, Embossed(Shrunken pattern), Hand brushed two tone dye /.

This is a article developed by Walpier, the renowned Italian tannery, best known as Buttero. Based on Buttero's original processing method and dyeing technique-After embossing a pattern on the surface, it is hand-dyed again to make the protruding part darker with a two-tone dyeing that has a natural luster and strong impression. Basically, vegetable leather has the characteristic that the feeling of use remains natural, but Dollaro has a surface rigidity compared to general vegetable leather, so it is a vegetable leather and is very resistant to scratches.

Finish - Matt type, Oil, Hard type /. This is Buttero, a representative article produced by Walpier, Tannery, which has been the third generation family business and produces the finest leather in Italy. The leather is vegetable-processed using the finest French hides. It has a very smooth surface and at the same time has a rich oil content, which makes it the best quality leather that boasts a moist touch despite being vegetable. Despite its smooth surface, it has a rich and deep color that is clearly distinguished from other vegetable leathers with the unique touch of leather, rather than an artificial feel, and the unique color expression of Buttero.

Like other leathers containing a lot of oil, it is relatively weak against scratches, but the natural traces of the years passed by the accumulation of scratches are more attractive than any other leather. This leather is especially loved in Japan. Finish - Matt type, Oil, Milling / Softness. It is a leather that has been milled on Buttero-based leather, a representative article produced by Tannery Walpier, a third generation family business and produces the finest leather in Italy, to obtain the natural pattern and softness of the surface.

The thickness of the unadjusted ledger is 2.83.0mm, the same as the Buttero, which is thicker than the Minerva box, and the tensile strength is stronger even at the same thickness. Compared to the Minerva box of the same color, the color density is a little heavier. Especially, when making a strap due to the difference in thickness, it is recommended when making a strap with a single layer method because it adds a sense of thickness and makes it possible to make a stronger strap It is a leather offering. Vegatable tanned, Italy - Rocaros.

Finish - Natural glossy type, Hand brushed dye / Hardness. Labrador is a cowhide made in Rocado, Italy, famous for its Italian shell cordovan. Inspired by the fur texture of the large breed Labrador, it creates a smooth and silky surface texture. It is a type of leather that is surface-dyed with leather that has a deep color similar to that of a cordovan familiar to us.

(chrome tanned, France - Alran). Finish - matt type / Thickness - 1.2 1.4 mm / softness -????

Alran, a French company, is a tannery that manufactures leathers for luxury brands and has a reputation for producing the finest leathers in goth skins. Goat leather is soft but has tough properties. Unlike vegetable leather, whose surface ages with use, the surface is very scratch-resistant and the product is slightly lighter. Also, since the original color is maintained for a long time, it is recommended for those who are more sensitive to the condition of the surface.

You can enjoy a vivid color that is difficult to express in vegetable leather. Finish - Matt type, Art finish by steel ball /. Pueblo is an art-finish leather from BADALASSI CARLO, a tannery famous for the Minerva box. It is a leather that expresses details by rolling specially crafted iron beads on Minerva leather with a flat surface to create fine artificial scratches on the leather.

When viewed in the state of a director, it is rather similar to a wounded leather, but if you look at the finished work as a product, you can see the expression of texture as an artistic attempt beyond that. Please refer to the result. It is a popular leather that is increasingly in demand around the world. It is recommended for those who enjoy the vintage feel.

Finish - Natural glossy, Art finish by hand blade / Softness -???? Achab is an art finish leather from BADALASSI CARLO, a tannery famous for its Minerva box.

It is a unique leather that is finished by making irregular sheaths one by one using a hand knife on the milled Minerva box leather. Produced solely on an intuitive sense, it is an extremely lyrical leather made only by one master crafter, even within the leather-producing tannery. The result is very dramatic, even more passionate compared to the same art-finish line, Pueblo.

You can see the stylish expression of texture as an artistic attempt. It is recommended for those who enjoy a more bold and vintage style. (Vegatable tanned, Italy - La Perla Azzurra). Finish - Matt type, Milling /. Camouflage with military patterns on high-quality vegetable leather.

It is a leather that is constantly popular with its enthusiastic expression. Along with the military look, you can enjoy the natural vegetable leather texture and the stylish features of aging. (Combination tanned, USA - Horween). Extra cost : USD 20.00. Finish - Matt type, Pull-up /. It is Chromexcel leather, a representative cowhide of Horween in the United States, which is famous for cordovan.

This leather is finished with a rough surface finish unique to American leather and a natural two-tone pull-up finish that occurs at the folds. This leather is also famous as a material for shoes, and if you like the rough feeling of American leather or leather goods, it is a leather that is worth experiencing at least once. You'll find attractive leather goods that are finished with rough American leather and refined leather craftsmanship by Arte di mano. (Hybrid tanned, France - HAAS).

Finish - Matt type, Oil and waxy / Thickness - 2.0 2.2 mm / Softness -???? Novonappa leather is a hybrid type of leather with a vegetable finish on the surface of chrome-tanned leather. Because it is chrome tanned, it is lighter than vegetable leather products, but the texture of the surface is like vegetable tanned leather, and the surface of the leather naturally ages according to use. In addition, the texture of the surface is very soft and moist due to the sufficiently absorbed wax and oil content.

This is another kind of texture that can be found in the hybrid type, which is different from the vegetable type. Like Bridle, when not used often, the wax component inside the leather cuts off the surface to form a white powdery film, and when used again, the wax component melts again and penetrates to restore the original surface texture. This is the original leather of HAAS, France, which is a supplier of High-end luxury brands, and is used by the brand to create vegetable-looking tan or black products. Finish - Matt type, natural grain / Softness -???? The leather that Leica usually used for Edition.

Swift leather looks like patternless, but has a low and dense pattern. It has a soft and smooth touch. (Chrome tanned, Italy - mastrotto).

The Italian Mastrotto's nappa leather is particularly popular for furniture and car seats. It is used by luxury car & sofa brands that you are familiar with. It has good expressive power of color and has similar characteristics to Swift as a leather, and it is a leather with a very soft and smooth touch. (Chrome tanned, Germany - LEDERFABRIK PERLINGER).

Finish - Matt type, natural shrunken emboss / Softness -???? Shrunken calf leather is a leather that is made of a unique shrunken pattern by chrome-tanning calf leather less than 6 months old and shrinking the surface through shrunken processing. It features a soft and very elastic surface texture.

It is difficult to enjoy aging because it is chrome tanned leather, but it has the advantage of being relatively light when commercialized, being resistant to scratches, and retaining the original color or texture for a longer time. German PERLINGER's Shrunken Calf is actually the leather used in luxury brands, and is more widely known under the name'Togo'. (Chrome tanned, France - HAAS). Finish - Glossy type, Caviar embossed / Softness -???? Caviar is a very famous leather used by Chanel.

It is the leather made by HAAS, France. It is an attractive product with a very slight pearlescent luster. This is usually conceivable with the name caviar. The smaller of the two sizes, it is a good pattern size for small items or small bags.

(Vegetable tanned, England - SEDGWICK). Extra cost : USD 30.00.

Finish - Bridle finish /. Bridle leather is a premium leather that has the maximum fastness and sturdy tension that can be produced with cowhide enough to be used in the manufacture of horse harnesses such as reins and saddles. Tallow and oil through vegetable tanned cowhide for more than 6 weeks.

It is completed through a manual process of penetrating-finishing. In particular, the bridle leather used in Arte di mano is the original English bridle leather, the leather produced by SEDGWICK in the UK, which has a tradition of more than 100 years.

It is the best among bridle leather that is used for bags used in the British royal family. When not in use or at low temperatures, a white powdery tallow is formed and occupies the surface, but with use, its characteristic smooth and luxurious gloss is gradually revealed.

It is cowhide made with the aim of cordovan, which is a horse's hip leather, and the surface is very hard, so the chewy texture of the cordovan is difficult to taste, but it has increased the density of the tissue by penetrating tallow. Extra cost : USD 150.00. It is a lizard skin with a lot of fans.

This leather is characterized by an attractive luster and a dense surface pattern, and is very durable due to the high tensile strength of the surface. Among the special skins, it is widely used because the price is rather reasonable.

Vegetable tanned, Italy - Rocado s. Extra cost : USD 180.00. Finish - Glazed, aniline dyed. Cordovan is leather near the horse's buttocks, and by extracting the glossy layer located inside the leather, it is produced as cordovan leather with extremely dense tissue. Or it's called a shell cordovan.

The structure of the shell has a density corresponding to the dermal layer called the silver surface or surface of leather. In cowhide, the thickness of the dermal layer is usually considered to be around 0.2-0.5 mm, whereas most of the shell layers produced in cordovan have a thickness of 1 mm or more. Corresponding to the dermal layer, it is a very special leather with strong surface resilience along with the firmness of the tissue itself.

It has a very rare value as only two small oval cordovan pieces can be produced from a single horse hide. Italian Shell Cordovan is vegetable tanning made of 100% natural raw materials for a total of 6 months using the finest raw hides from Germany and Poland, and translucent dyeing and glazing using Aniline. It boasts the highest quality with the most diverse color lineup among cordovan, which is finished with a sophisticated finish using the surface gloss used and Italian technology accumulated. The Italian Shell Cordovan, which forms a thick mania mainly in the production of shoes and accessories, is used not only by established manufacturers but also by young and trendy brands such as Tanner goods in the United States. It is very popular with creators all over the world. For cordovan leather, we recommend stitching with a color similar to that of the leather for easy maintenance. (Vegetable tanned, USA - Horween).

Extra cost : USD 250.00. It is the shell cordovan leather of Horween, a representative American tannery that began in 1905. It is the most widely known leather type among cordovans that is dyed and glazed, such as the Italian cordovan introduced above.

American cordovan leather is a leather with a somewhat rough touch and texture, unlike Italian leather. If you enjoy the long reputation and the rough taste of American-this is leather to recommend.

Extra cost : USD 350.00. Ostrich skin is a special skin that is used exclusively for the finest productions, along with crocodile skin in most brands. It is characterized by the appearance of feathery pores called Quill Marks.

The grade of the ostrich hide is determined by how evenly and beautifully this Quill mark is. A price of each ostrich skin costs about the same as a crocodile skin. Of course, it is very large compared to the crocodile, but the quill mark is actually very narrow.

Apart from the price, there is also a great difficulty in workability. The tricky thing about ostrich leather is to adjust the thickness first. In general, in order to produce small items, the thickness of each part is adjusted in various ways to suit the needs-In the case of ostrich leather, this is a leather that requires considerable technical proficiency and experience because of the difference in thickness of quill mark. However, the peculiar details and beautiful quillmark texture of the ostrich leather product completed through the process are well worth enduring all the trouble and annoyance.

(Nile crocodile, Singapore - Henglong). Extra cost : USD 550.00. Finish - Matt type, Belly (back cut). Henglong, a Singapore-based company owned by French luxury brand, is a world-class crocodile skin tannery that produces high-quality crocodile skins. Crocodile leather is superior to other types of leather such as cowhide in terms of durability because it has excellent surface stiffness in addition to its unique texture and unique pattern. Nile crocodile is regarded as the highest quality crocodile hide along with Porosus, a saltwater crocodile, and the Alligator, which lives mainly in the United States. In the case of a glossy-type crocodile, its luster disappears when it is not taken care of while using it, whereas a matte-type crocodile leather has the attractiveness of natural light coming up nicely while using it and aging over time. Like cowhide, matte type leather has less surface treatment compared to glossy type, so it has no choice but to use raw hide with less scarring, and it is traded at a higher price than glossy crocodile at the same grade/size. If you see the work of Arte di mano, which combines the finest crocodile leather manufactured by Henglong and the refined Arte di mano craftsmanship recognized in the world market, you are sure that you will no longer be able to find materials and quality beyond that. All of our works is based on Order to made system. You can see our working period on below information. We need about 7-10 weeks for work usually. Of course we are doing our best to reduce period. But there are much works and we care about quality first than time. We hope your smooth understand delay for high quality and customizing system. So just check our listing and do order like belows. Select Leather & color on color chart. Order and pay for this listing. Just write about your choice(Leather & color / options that you want). On order page or send message after order. We will check and then notice you extra cost & how to pay.

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Half case for Leica M11 (Advanced battery door) Arte di mano