Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case

Compact mirrorless camera, in original box. The Sony RX100 series has become very popular with photographers and videographers who want to travel light without compromising on image quality. This camera is in great condition - fully functional and cosmetically pristine.

Includes the Sony custom-fit leather travel case, as well as an extra battery, SD card, and USB charge/interconnect cable. Sony DSC-RX100V camera - in original box w/all docs. 2 batteries (1 original Sony, 1 Wasabi Power).

Micro-USB to USB-A charge/interconnect cable. Sony custom-fit leather travel case. Staggering performance in a 1.0-type sensor compact.

Meet the RX100 V the ultimate compact for capturing movies and stills in captivating detail. This camera inherits the RX100 series' renowned 1.0-type image sensor, and advances with blazing-fast 0.05-second autofocus, 315 focal plane phase-detection AF points, continuous shooting up to 24 fps with AF/AE tracking, as well as outstanding 4K movie capabilities. ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T lens for precision imaging. The large-diameter ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar® T lens offers uncompromised images across its full optical range of 2470 mm. The wide F1.82.8 aperture allows for fast shutter speeds and blur-free shooting, as well as beautiful background bokeh. Flare and ghosting is also dramatically reduced thanks to the high-performance T coating. Exmor RS® CMOS sensor for speed. The 20.1 effective MP 1.0-type stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM chip enables up to 960fps super slow motion shooting and super high-speed Anti-Distortion Shutter up to 1/32000 sec. That are too fast for human eyes to perceive. Moreover, 315-point focal plane phase detection AF provides for extraordinarily precise autofocusing and tracking performance. High-speed BIONZ X image processing engine. The updated BIONZ X image processing engine achieves even higher-speed processing performance than its predecessor, to capture fast-moving subjects at up to 24fps. The enhanced image- processing algorithm lets you capture more natural images, with less noise across the sensitivity range, while maintaining fine detail. Focus on your subject faster with 315 phase-detection AF points across a wide area of the image approx. The Hybrid AF system combines these densely-packed, ultra-fast phase-detection focus points with the precision of contrast detection AF, for dependable focusing even when tracking small or fast-moving subjects. Real-time Eye AF with excellent tracking performance. High-precision Real-time Eye AF combined with high-performance AF tracking provides helpful assistance with portrait shooting. It's effective even when the subject is looking down and away, or when faces are backlit or in partial darkness, and it keeps the focus on moving subjects' eyes when using the AF-C setting. Autofocus in just 0.05 sec. Combining the speed of phase-detection AF and accuracy of contrast-detection AF, the Fast Hybrid AF system can acquire focus in as little as 0.05 sec, to track subjects precisely and allow you to capture the moment perfectly. Pre-register, then instantly recall, a custom focusing area. Ideal for shooting sports like athletics, motorsport or tennis, or any time a subject moves regularly into an ideal composition in your frame. By simply assigning your AF area selection to a custom button you can prioritize that area for focusing when your subject enters it with just a single tap of a button. Smooth-tracking continuous shooting up to 24fps. The RX100 V can perform high-speed continuous shooting at the full 20.1 MP resolution and up to 24fps with AF/AE tracking.

In addition, the camera reduces blackout on the electronic viewfinder and LCD screen, and this reduction makes for smoother monitoring of moving subjects and easier shooting of fleeting moments. Silent shooting for sensitive situations.

You can mute the cameras shutter sound by making the following camera settings: "Shutter type: Electronic" and "Audio signals: Off". This way, you can shoot quiet scenes and noise-sensitive subjects in silence, even during continuous shooting. AF-A mode automatically switches focus mode. In AF-A mode, the camera automatically switches between AF-S mode (Single AF: locks focus while the shutter button is pressed halfway) and AF-C mode (Continuous AF: keeps focusing on subjects while the shutter button is pressed halfway), according to such changes as sudden subject movement and brightness as detected throughout the shooting frame.

Up to 1/32000 s Anti-Distortion Shutter works to minimize image distortion caused by the rolling shutter phenomenon. The extraordinarily fast shutter speed also allows you to produce photos with background defocusing using a large aperture setting even under extremely bright conditions at a maximum of EV19. In shooting 4K27 (QFHD resolution: 3840 x 2160) movies with full pixel readout without pixel binning, the camera collects approx.

1.7 times as much information as is required for basic 4K movie output. This oversampling effect results in images of outstanding resolution with reduced moiré and jaggies. Introducing Fast Hybrid AF for movies to the RX100 series. Fast Hybrid AF keeps images sharp and clear during the shooting of high-resolution 4K movies, thanks to the system's focal plane phase-detection AF sensor that enables accurate focusing and tracking performance. Photo Capture creates clear stills from movies. The Photo Capture function lets you select a moment from a 4K movie in playback and save it in the form of a highly detailed still image file of over 8 megapixels. Likewise, you can create a 2-megapixel still image file from a Full HD movie that has been recorded. Up to 960fps21 for incredible slow motion. Using the mode dial to select HFR, its easy to create super slow motion movies containing split-second moments of action. Choose shooting frame rates of 960/1000fps, 480/500fps, or 240/250fps (NTSC/PAL), depending on speed of a moving subject. Image quality is nearly Full HD at 240/250fps, and HD at 480/500fps in Quality Priority mode. An optional end trigger mode pre-records from 3 to 7 seconds before the MOVIE button is pressed, letting you capture even unpredictable moments decisively. Bright XGA OLED Tru-Finder shows what you aim for. The retractable Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder's resolution is equivalent to 2359K dots. The bright, self-illuminating OLED display offers high contrast, excellent for previewing shots and setting adjustments.

EVF eyepiece optics are treated with ZEISS® T Coating to reduce unwanted reflections and ensure corner-to-corner visibility. Control ring for advanced photography. A convenient lens-mounted control ring allows you to operate pro-style manual control such as selecting shutter speed, aperture, and more for added creative command another feature making this camera an ideal choice for serious photographers. 180 ° tiltable LCD screen for flexible composition.

The high-resolution 3-inch type screen with tilt capability is perfect for taking selfies and framing of otherwise impossible overhead or low-angle shots. You can use it in high/low shooting positions for greater flexibility in capturing creative compositions. Custom button for creative convenience. The custom (C) button can be programmed to control any of up to 62 different camera functions, to adapt the camera's capabilities to your shooting style. By assigning a frequently-used function or setting to this button you can recall it again instantly for faster, more intuitive camera operation. Shoot almost anywhere with wide ISO sensitivity. Capture crisper images, even in low light, with sensitivity up to ISO 12800.

The Auto ISO mode can automatically determine optimal settings, or manually select expanded ISO settings as low as ISO 80. In addition to Auto ISO, you can specify minimum limits for shutter speed, to prevent blur even in low light situations. Dual Rec30 still shooting during movie recording. Shoot still images of 17MP31 while recording a movie.

The camera enables you to capture impressive high-quality stills even in movie-shooting. Auto Dual Rec release function lets the camera automatically take photos during movie recording. Select frequency of Auto Dual Rec release from high/standard/low settings.

Make sure your images are correctly framed, even when shooting starry skies or other dark scenes. The image on the display or viewfinder can be temporally boosted to assist with composition using a simple menu selection or custom button assignment, without compromising the final captured image. With My Menu, you can register menu items for instant recall and customize menus. You can also make button assignments32 for up to 30 functions to retool the camera interface for your shooting preferences. MF Assist and enhanced peaking function.

Increase focusing accuracy, or fine-tune manual focusing with these focusing assistants. Manual Focus (MF) Assist magnifies any part of the image area to enable more precise adjustment, while the enhanced peaking function highlights in-focus regions for quick and easy focus confirmation. Both the magnification and peaking colors are customizable and perfect for intricate focusing requirements such as during macro shooting. Lock-on AF for enhanced photo opportunities. Simply press the shutter button halfway to activate Lock-on AF33.

It automatically adjusts the AF target frame size to match the subject size, improves tracking performance, and helps you take full advantage of every photo opportunity. High-quality movies in XAVC S28 or AVCHD format. Designed for professional videography, as well as efficient file sizes, XAVC S28 recording provides minimal image noise, even in scenes full of movement, at up to 4K3427 resolution and 100 Mbps. For less demanding applications, and easy sharing, the AVCHD format is also available. Diverse movie functions supporting pro-style usage.

In addition to simple point-and-shoot movie making, advanced recording functions include Picture Profile settings to adjust color space, gamma and other image characteristics. With S-Log2 capability, video can be captured with a wide dynamic range for post-production and camera matching purposes. In addition, timecode and proxy recording capabilities allow for integration into professional productions and workflows. The camera lets you change the first three characters of any file name from "DSC" (by default) to three characters of your choice. This simplifies file management and is especially valuable when working with multiple cameras for various assignments.

With one-touch remote, a smartphone or tablet functions as a viewfinder/remote control. One-touch sharing transfers photos/videos to the device.

Just install an Imaging Edge Mobile35 app via Wi-Fi to an NFC-enabled Android device, then touch the device to the camera to connect them. QR code compatibility allows connection with non-NFC smartphones. Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. Imaging Edge Remote, Viewer, and Edit. Elevate your photography with Imaging Edge desktop applications. Get the best from Sony RAW files, and manage your productions more efficiently.

1.0"-type (0.52" x 0.35) Exmor RS® CMOS sensor, aspect ratio 3:2. ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar® T Lens, 10 elements in 9 groups (9 aspheric elements including AA lens). F1.8 (W)-2.8 (T). F = 8.8-25.7 mm. ANGLE OF VIEW (35 MM FORMAT EQUIVALENT).

84 deg-34 deg (f = 24-70 mm2)3. FOCUS RANGE (FROM THE FRONT OF THE LENS). 0.17 ft (5 cm) to Infinity, T: Approx. 0.99 ft (30 cm) to Infinity / Program Auto: AF W: Approx. 30 cm (0.99 ft) to Infinity.


4K: 4.35x, HD: Approx. 3.0-type (7.5 cm) (4:3)/1,228,800 dots/Xtra Fine/TFT LCD. 180 degrees, down by approx.

0.39-type electronic viewfinder(OLED), 2,359,296 dots. 0.59x with 50 mm lens at infinity, -1m-1(diopter) 35 mm equiv. 20 mm from the eyepiece, 19.2 mm from the eyepiece frame at -1m-1(diopter) (CIPA standard). 4.0 to +3.0 m-1.

Yes (Intelligent Active Mode, Optical type with electronic compensation, Anti Rolling type). Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF).

Single-shot AF, Automatic AF, Continuous AF, DMF, Manual Focus. Wide (315 points [phase-detection AF], 25 points [contrast-detection AF]), Zone, Center, Flexible Spot (S/M/L), Expanded Flexible Spot, Lock on AF Wide/Zone/Center/Flexible Spot(S/M/L)/Expanded Flexible Spot.

Multi Pattern, Center-Weighted, Spot, Entire Screen Avg, Highlight. +/- 3.0EV, 1/3EV step. ISO SENSITIVITY (STILL IMAGE)(RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE INDEX).

Auto: 1.2 lux(Shutter Speed 1/30). Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluor.

Daylight, Flash, Underwater Auto, C. IAuto (4" - 1/2000)/Program Auto (30" - 1/2000)/Manual (Bulb, 30" - 1/2000)/Aperture Priority (30" - 1/2000)/Shutter Priority (30 - 1/2000)7. IAuto (4" - 1/32000)/Program Auto (30" - 1/32000)/Manual (30" - 1/32000)/Aperture Priority (30" - 1/32000)/Shutter Priority (30 - 1/32000). IAuto F1.8/F11(W)/Program Auto F1.8/F11(W)/Manual F1.8/F11(W)/Shutter Priority F1.8/F11(W)/Aperture Priority F1.8/F11(W). Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Creative Style, Color Space (sRGB/Adobe RGB), Quality RAW/RAW&JPEG (Extra fine, Fine, Standard)/JPEG (Extra fine, Fine, Standard).

Long exposure NR: On/Off, available of shutter speeds longer than 1/3 sec. Off, Dynamic Range Optimizer (Auto/Level 1-5), Auto High Dynamic Range Auto Exposure Difference, Exposure Difference Level (1.06.0 EV, 1.0 EV step). AUTO (Intelligent Auto/Superior Auto), Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Manual Exposure, MR (Memory Recall) [body 3 sets/memory card 4 sets], Movie Mode (Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Manual Exposure), HFR Mode (Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Manual Exposure), Panorama, Scene Selection. Portrait, Sports Action, Macro, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Handheld Twilight, Night Portrait, Anti Motion Blur, Pet Mode, Gourmet, Fireworks, High Sensitivity. CONTINUOUS SHOOTING SPEED (MAXIMUM) WITH MAX. 24fps, Continuous Shooting Mid: approx. 10 s / 5 s / 2 s / 3 or 5 consecutive shots with 10 s 5 s or 2 s delay selectable/Bracketing shots with 10 s 5 s or 2 s delay selectable.

Single, Continuous shooting (Hi/Mid/Lo), Self-timer, Self-timer cont. Bracketing11, Single-bracketing11, White balance bracketing11, DRO bracketing11. [Still Image]:Toy camera, Pop Color, Posterization, Retro Photo, Soft High-key, Partial Color, High Contrast Mono. Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Richtone Monochrome, Miniature, Watercolor, Illustration; [Movie]:Toy camera, Pop Color, Posterization, Retro Photo, Soft High-key, Partial Color, High Contrast Mono. Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn Leaves, Black & White, Sepia, Style Box.

Off/PP1-PP7 Black Level, Gamma (Movie, Still, Cine1-2, ITU709, ITU709 [800%], S-Log2), Black Gamma, Knee, Color Mode, Saturation, Color Level, Color Phase, Color Depth, Detail, Copy, Reset. Still Image: Superior Auto: 44 / iAuto: 33, Movie: 44.

Auto / Flash On / Slow Synchro / Rear Sync / Flash Off. 1.31 ft to 33.46 ft (0.4 m to 10.2 m) (W) / Approx. 1.31 ft to 21.33 ft (0.4 m to 6.5 m) (T), ISO 12800: up to Approx. 66.93 ft (20.4 m) (W) / Approx.

42.65 ft (13.0 m) (T). Memory Stick Duo12, Memory Stick PRO Duo12, Memory Stick PRO Duo (High Speed)12, Memory Stick PROHG Duo12, Memory Stick Micro1312, Memory Stick Micro (Mark2)1312, SD Memory Card12, SDHC Memory Card (UHS-I)12, SDXC Memory Card (UHS-I)12, microSD Memory Card1312, microSDHC Memory Card1312, microSDXC Memory Card1312. [Still Image]: JPEG DCF Ver. 2.31, MPF Baseline compliant, RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format); [Movie]: XAVC S, AVCHD format Ver.

XAVC S: LPCM 2ch, AVCHD: Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2ch (Dolby Digital Stereo Creator). STILL IMAGE NUMBER OF RECORDED PIXELS (IMAGE SIZE). 3:2 mode: 20M (5,472 x 3,648)/10M (3,888 x 2,592)/5M (2,736 x 1,824), 4:3 mode:18M (4,864 x 3,648)/10M (3,648 x 2,736)/5M (2,592 x 1,944)/VGA, 16:9 mode:17M (5,472 x 3,080)/7.5M (3,648 x 2,056)/4.2M (2,720 x 1,528), 1:1 mode: 13M (3,648 x 3,648)/6.5M (2,544 x 2,544)/3.7M (1,920 x 1,920), Sweep Panorama: Wide (12,416 x 1,856/5,536 x 2,160), Standard (8,192 x 1,856/3,872 x 2,160). NTSC/PAL Selector: [NTSC] AVCHD: 24 M FX (1,920x1,080/60i)/17 M FH (1,920x1,080/60i), XAVC S 4K: 30p 100 M (3,840x2,160/30p)/30p 60 M (3,840x2,160/30p)/24p 100 M (3,840x2,160/24p)/24p 60 M (3,840x2,160/24p), XAVC S HD: 60p 50 M (1,920x1,080/60p)/60p 25 M (1,920x1,080/60p)/30p 50 M (1,920x1,080/30p)/30p 16 M (1,920x1,080/30p)/24p 50 M (1,920x1,080/24p)/120p 100 M (1,920x1,080/120p)/120p 60 M (1,920x1,080/120p).

NTSC/PAL Selector: [PAL] mode AVCHD: 24 M FX (1,920x1,080/50i)/17 M FH (1,920x1,080/50i), XAVC S 4K: 25p 100 M (3,840x2,160/25p)/25p 60 M (3,840x2,160/25p), XAVC S HD: 50p 50 M (1,920x1,080/50p)/50p 25 M (1,920x1,080/50p)/25p 50 M (1,920x1,080/25p)/25p 16 M (1,920x1,080/25p)/100p 100 M (1,920x1,080/100p)/100p 60 M (1,920x1,080/100p). (Recording) NTSC/PAL Selector: [PAL] mode XAVC S HD: 50p 50M(1920x1080/250fps), 50p 50M(1920x1080/500fps), 50p 50M(1920x1080/1000fps)/25p 50M(1920x1080/250fps), 25p 50M(1920x1080/500fps), 25p 50M(1920x1080/1000fps), NTSC/PAL Selector: [NTSC] mode XAVC S HD:60p 50 M (1,920x1,080/240fps), 60p 50 M (1,920x1,080/480fps), 60p 50 M (1,920x1,080/960fps)/30p 50 M (1,920x1,080/240fps), 30p 50 M (1,920x1,080/480fps), 30p 50 M (1,920x1,080/960fps)/24p 50 M (1,920x1,080/240fps), 24p 50 M (1,920x1,080/480fps), 24p 50 M (1,920x1,080/960fps) (Sensor Readout Number of effective pixels) Quality Priority: 240fps/250fps (1,824x1,026), 480fps/500fps (1,824x616), 960fps/1000fps (1,244x420)/Shoot Time Priority: 240fps/250fps (1,824x616), 480fps/500fps (1,292x436), 960fps/1000fps (912x308). STILL IMAGE NUMBER OF RECORDED PIXELS (IMAGE SIZE) DURING MOVIE. 16:9 mode: 17M (5472×3080)/7.5M (3648×2056)/4.2M (2720×1528).

Yes 1280 x 720 Approx. Multi/Micro USB Terminal14, High-Speed USB (USB2.0), Micro HDMI. NFC forum Type 3 Tag compatible, One-touch remote, One-touch sharing. YesIEEE802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz band). DC 3.6 V (supplied battery)/DC 5.0 V (supplied AC Adapter).

2.6W with LCD monitor and approx. 3.0W with viewfinder (CIPA standard).


BATTERY LIFE(MOVIES CONTINUOUS SHOOTING)(CIPA). Assist, [Mov]AF Track Sensitivity, [Mov]AF Drive Speed, Set File Name, My Menu. Exif Print, PRINT Image Matching (PIM3). DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) APPROX. 4 x 2 3/8 × 1 5/8 inch (101.6 x 58.1 x 41.0 mm).

10.5 oz (299 g) (Battery and Memory Stick Duo are included) / Approx. 9.6 oz (272 g) (Body Only).

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Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V 20.1MP Digital Camera Black withLeather Case